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New Farmers Market Opens in Grayson County


There is a new farmers market in Grayson County. In a time where it seems everyone is trying to eat healthier, the need for locally-grown meat and produce is a growing trend. Deeda Payton checked out a new farmer's market in Sherman.

I found a variety of vegetables, herbs and grass-fed beef. And, the best part is that every product can be traced back to a Grayson County farm or ranch.

"I've been told that my tomatoes are the sweetest in the county." Maggie Plauche is one of six local growers at the Grayson County farmer's market. "All of our growers are in either Grayson County or forty miles from our location and they're all certified so we actually go out to the farms to what sure what they're growing is actually being sold here."

This new market is located right off highway 56 in Sherman about two miles west of highway 75 and even though it has only been around for about a month, it isn't going un-noticed. "I think it all looks absolutely terrific and I'm here to buy some food." "If you're looking for homegrown and local products, yeah and good quality taste. You can't get a tomato like this in the store."

"The thing that makes them so sweet is that they are ripened on the vines so we pick them and bring them to market. They don't have to be sitting in warehouses to ripen like they do in California." And, it has customers coming back week after week. "We've had a pretty good response and we're getting a lot of return buyers because most us do grow organically. We don't use insecticide or chemicals."

Customers can't get over the flavor and freshness. "I come out here to get the peppers, hot peppers, that's what I love."

And, the growers understand what local families want when they come to a market like this. "I think it's a great opportunity and I'm really trying to keep my prices at a point where local families with small children trying to eat healthy can afford it."

The year-round market is open Fridays from eight until two and Saturdays from nine until two. "It will support our local farmers and that's what we're here for."

The Grayson County Farmer's Market is planning to have a pumpkin patch next month and Christmas trees for the holidays.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.