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Canine Influenza Spreads


We have been telling you for a few months now how to protect yourself from this years flu,but what about your dog?     The canine flu is beginning to sweep across the nation but you can protect your pup from the virus.

Your pup can get a flu shot, it requires two injections about two to four weeks apart.  Once those are administered the dog will need one shot each year following.  This year the canine flu has shown up in 30 plus states, but our area can breathe a sigh of relief because Texas and Oklahoma are not on that list.  But as the virus spreads, our local vets are debating about recommending the shot since the canine flu virus is highly contagious.

Local veternarian, Dr. Billy Martindell says this disease is "100% contagious.  Dogs have no immunity to this virus so almost every dog exposed will contract the diesase to some degree

So you might want to add your dog to your fall flu shot list.  The canine influenza virus, also known as CIV has hit thirty states.  Vets first saw this diesase back in 2004 and this year it's making a comeback.  The easiest place for your pooch to pick up the diesase is in a kennel.      So before you leave your pet for the holidays, you might want to ask your vet about the shot.     

Dr. Martindell tells us every dog reacts differently to the virus.  "The severity will not be the same  in every dog.  Some dogs will not show symtoms, while other will be severely effected."

Only 80% of dogs develop clinical signs.  The canine virus is similar to other influenza viruses causing severe respiratory problems.  Symptoms can include a runny nose, a cough or low grade fever.  These symptoms minmic kennel cough but this flu virus, if not caught in time, can be deadly.  If you think your dog may have these symptoms call your vet.  They can order the vaccine and have it there for you and your pup the same afternoon.

This virus does not spread to humans and if your pet develops symptoms the vaccine is readily available.  The shots are given in a two step process about two to four weeks apart.  The shots cost about 20-dollars each.     

Christina Lusby, Reports.