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Missing woman's daughter speaks out


BONHAM, TX -- The search for missing 71-year-old Katie Joe Brewer continues as the Bonham police halted organized search efforts.

Police are continuing independent searches as of now. Yesterday, they sent out a helicopter to conduct a fly over.

Family and friends of the missing woman gathered at her Bonham home all day to look for any clues.

Mrs. Brewer's daughter, Lisa Wilson is holding up and says she's hoping her mother can be found.

"She's in good physical health and she might be able to get up and move. If that's the case we're hoping someone might be able to see her move from one spot to another," Wilson said.

Hundreds of volunteer's showed up to help find Katie Joe Brewer over the last several days. But after days of searching the clues are still missing.

"There's a real disappointment we didn't find her and we've exhausted our resources in doing so," Bonham fire chief Bill Payla said.

In the meantime, police were hopeful being able to conduct the helicopter fly over after the rainy skies cleared.

"We do have the department of public safety helicopter scheduled to return for a flyover searching in different areas," Sgt. of Bonham police dept. Wendell Bockman said.

Brewer's daughter continues to ask everyone in the Bonham community to keep searching for any clues or information leading to the disappearance of her mother.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN.