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Grayson County Jail Could Lose Inmates


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX---There's been a rapid change of pace for the Grayson County Jail issue recently. Michelle Gillespie reports. 
     First, commissioners put to bed the $34 million bond issue and now the private option is dead after CLEAT threatened a lawsuit.
     It's an issue several years in the works and now it's back at square one but what do these new developments mean for your tax dollars?
     It's been years in the works--contracts and studies done and nearly nine years of attorney's fees to look at those contracts.
     And now, eight years since the first Wiginton study was done in 2001, the jail issue is back at the starting point. 

     Judge Drue Bynum refers to the potential CLEAT litigation and Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary's lack of consent for a privatized jail, as the reason for pulling the private option.
     The problem now, the county is set to go before the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, on November 5th, where they'll have to prove that the county is making progress to resolve their overcrowding issue or they'll lose their 49 bed variance.

"We're no longer moving forward, I fully expect the jail commission to honor their word, it could mean taking 49 inmate variance away from us--I do expect them to come in at next inspection and de-certify part of our jail," says Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum. 

     Of course that means that the county would have to pay to ship some inmates elsewhere. A costly option that Judge Bynum says, come 2011 could reduce the Sheriff's budget as well as come out of taxpayers' pocket. 

     More taxpayer money--going toward the costly jail issue. 
     But is it money well spent?
     We'll breakdown just how much the county has spent over the past eight to nine years on addressing the problems of what to do with the Grayson County Jail and how much has been spent to do those costly studies. 
     Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.