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Weather Readiness


GRAYSON CO., TX -- With all the rain that came through North Texas area over the last several days, no flash flooding was imminent at any time.

Nonetheless, local emergency management had a few tips for those needing to get out and drive in the weather.

"We ask people to limit their driving if they don't need to be out and about particularily after dark it's very difficult to tell how standing is during the day time... it's impossible to determine that at night," said Grayson co. emergency manager, Sarah Somers.

"Turn around don't drown" is often the slogan emergency responders promote in instances where flooding is possible.

The local emergency management says the more they get this slogan out there, the likelihood people will heed the warning.

However, by the end of the day, the rain subsided and roadways cleared up and dried out as many cars continued to travel on highway 75.

Either way, they recommend that people remain cautious on the roadways, and especially at night.