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Residents get out in weather


GRAYSON CO., TX -- Lots of rain was in the forecast for today, but that didn't seem to stop people from traveling on the roads.

Earlier today the roadways were saturated with rain water making driving conditions more difficult.

As the day went on, those conditions subsided and the roadways seemed to clear up.

Sherman resident Jimmy Ujan says normally he likes rain, but won't take any chances when driving in it especially if he thought a roadway was blocked with water.

"I would have to look first and I wouldn't take no chances. I will stop if I have to turn around, I will because that's not safe for nobody to cross high waters in the first place," Ujan said.

Another Grayson co. resident, Trey Doolittle is a traveling nurse who says he has no choice but try to drive in these conditions.

However, he says he still sees people driving too fast.

"I don't think it'll be what we had a couple years ago, but I just came from Pottsboro and highway 75 is pretty trecherous, that water is standing pretty good, and people are still driving way too fast," Doolittle said.