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Ardmore Residents Speak Out About City Manager


ARDMORE, OK---It's a topic that many Ardmore residents are passionate about one way or the other: the status and employment of Ardmore City Manager Dan Parrott and the continuing controversy surrounding the Ardmore Police Department and city management. Michelle Gillespie reports.

The general consensus that a change needs to be made in the Ardmore city government and if that means the resignation or termination of city manager Dan Parrott, then the people we spoke with this afternoon, support his removal.

"I just think it'd be a great idea from all the comment I've heard--it's be good to put in a new city manager," says Ardmore resident, Nita Maxey.

And the majority of Ardmore residents we spoke with today, agreed:

"He should do what the people want and resign," says Ardmore resident, James Elmore.

Whether or not City Manager Dan Parrott is to blame for the turmoil within the Ardmore Police Department, residents say it's Parrott's job to make sure the Police Department is well managed to protect the city of Ardmore residents; something some say he didn't follow through on.

"He should have known all this trouble was happening and stepped in a long time ago with it," says Ardmore native, Steve Perry.

Many also referred to Parrott's hiring of former Police Chief David Leonardo back in 2008, who according to some, had a history of questionable competency. Others touched on the controversy surrounding the sudden resignation of former Deputy Police Chief Richard Ackerman a little less than a month ago.

"He had 35 years of an unblemished record, and he was fired and we still don't even know why. Then you had a police chief here, Leonardo, who had a blemished record, he came to this department and did nothing but turn it into turmoil," says long-time Ardmore resident, Leonard Lee Crowe.

"I just think that one from California [Ackerman], I think that was a big mistake. I think he was going to do an excellent job from what I understand," says Maxey.

As for what should be done from here:

"I think most of the problem would be solved if we had a strong mayor form of government, like most big cities do. The city manager isn't really--the people don't have control over what he does," says Perry.

"Do a background check, have a little oversight, look over people's shoulder's and see what the heck they're doing with your money," says Crowe.

Other citizens thought the Ardmore City Commissioner's meeting tomorrow nigt could help sort out the details.

"I don't know if anything is substantiated. We really should just get it all out in the open and go from there," says one Ardmore resident.

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.