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Churches Use Technology to Reach out to Youth


In a fast paced generation, churches in our area are setting aside their hymnals and posting worship songs on their walls.  Three different churches in Texoma have made recent renovations including Trinity Baptist,  Victory Life, and Sherman Bible Church.  Each church has made unique changes ranging from big screen projectors, to video cafes, to 70-foot screens with cutting edge technology, all in an attempt to reach out to the younger generation.

Youth reminisce on what church was like before the big screens, projectors and surround sound.  Tyler McKinney says his church "started out with no technology what so ever." 

In an attempt to stay connected with today's youth, churches are changing the way they share the word.  The younger generation with an attention span averaging around 5 minutes want a fast paced, entertaining service. 

Leisel Parks, a youth member at Victory Life says, "it's hard to keep people's attention and the technology definitely helps." 

So flat screens now adorn church walls along with projectors, surround sound, and video cafe's in an attempt for churches to try to enhance their message with graphics.  Jason Anderson, a youth pastor at Trinity Baptist in Sherman says, "it really helps when your trying to get a message across to students" and Victory Life's youth pastor Jacob sheriff adds, "the technology draws people in, but it is not what keeps people coming back."

The graphics, videos and creative ways to display sermons are attracting quite an audience.   Jacob Sheriff says his church has seen an influx of young people since their renovations.  He also says the key to communicating the gospel is to speak in a language this generation understands.  For young people, its media and entertainment in a fast paced life that continues to change.  

Perhaps the biggest change in our area, a new 70-foot screen installed end to end on the stage of Victory Life.  Josh Needham, the graphic designer behind the massive screen says, "it's a completely seamless image that allows points to be displayed in an overwhelmingly awesome size."

Items you will see featured on the enormous screen, graphics ranging from a slide show to music videos created by the church's youth.  The investment cost can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the customization. Churches in Texoma find the cutting edge technology is drawing in a younger crowd and the churches in Texoma say the technology is worth every penny.

Christina Lusby, Reports.