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Jet Ski Accident Prompts Safety Questions


KINGSTON, OK---A swimmer near Caney Creek boat ramp in Marshall County was hit by a jet skiier Sunday night. Michelle Gillespie reports.
     He's now recovering but we wanted to talk to local boaters out at Lake Texoma to see what they thought about lake safety.
     Michelle Gillespie spent the afternoon at East Burns Run where a number of people said they thought jet skiiers presented a hazard out on the water because of the ease with which young teenagers can come out and rent them. 
     Another reason: a jet skiier unlike a boater doesn't have great peripheral vision when they're driving.
     Jet skiiers have to pay attention to the waves directly in  front of them and worry about their own safety, meaning they're not necessarily as concerned about people or swimmers on the sides or in front of them. Anyone with a driver's license can rent a jet ski out on Lake Texoma but many people say they think boater's safety courses should be a requirement.
     Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.