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Camping Proves Popular Labor Day Weekend In Texoma


It looks like camping is making a come-back. Across the country, more families are heading to the outdoors as a way to spend time with family, without breaking the bank. And, Lake Texoma is no exception, where park officials are boasting a busy Labor Day weekend. KTEN's Jhen Kordela was out there, talking with tourists, and has more. 

According to park officials, the majority of lake-goers are coming in from the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Many Texomans are out there as well, enjoying the fun here at home.

Whether you're there to catch a fish or pick up souvenirs, every dollar counts when you're talking about reeling in cash to the local economy. 

And, if you want this Labor Day weekend to be smooth sailing, park officials advise you to arrive early. 

"Camp sites are completely booked up," says Richard Kellogg, assistant park manager. "If they're coming out just for the day, earlier the better. My day-use area does fill up -- as people leave, it leaves room for other people to come in."

The phone at Eisenhower State Park has been ringing since last Wednesday for booking reservations. And, cars are still lining up to come in. You can still get in, you just have to be like the Bachlis. They showed up at 6 a.m.

"Fishing is the main thing that brought us out here," says Todd Bachli, of Melissa, TX. 

There's also the hiking, biking and, of course, a place to picnic and spend time with family.

Eisenhower State Park is currently full when it comes to campsites, although officials say they should have some openings as campers leave Monday.

East Burns Run is full, as well. Platter Flats is at capacity for electric sites but still has places to pitch a tent.

West Burns Run has a couple of spots open but nothing next to the water. There are a couple of spots open at Big Mineral, 25 left at Lakeside and some spots open at Soldier Creek, although the site does not take reservations.

*Note: Information regarding openings at campsites is as of Sunday, September 6th. Call ahead to appropriate site for updated information.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.