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Boating Safety over Labor Day weekend


   TEXOMA LAKE -- With Labor Day being the last long weekend of the summer, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects many visitors at Texoma Lake. Meanwhile, they have a message to all about water safety.

"Have your safety equipment -- If you're gonna have alcohol in the boat have a designated driver just like in a car or a truck," said Lead Ranger at Lake Texoma, Grady Dodge.

   Texoma Lake visitor, Margie Matthews says her and her family got out to the camp grounds earlier to get a head start on the long weekend. She adds that things have been quiet so far.

"Everything's been safe so far. We hadn't seen any accidents anybody hurt or anything like that," Matthews said.

   After a tragic accident several years ago on Texoma, the Corps takes extra precaution when it comes to boating safety and safety in the parks.

"That's one of the reason's we'll be in the water this weekend in our patrol boat. We want to be out there for everyone as a reminder to be doing things safely," Dodge said.

   They also spread the message of safety after leaving the boat. If someone's been drinking on the boat and has to drive home, they say their risk of DWI still remain the same.

   In addition, Texas is in compliance with the no refusal law where officer's can administor a blood alcohol test if someone refuses a breathalizer.