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Lake Businesses Optimistic This Holiday Weekend


LAKE TEXOMA - Cheaper prices at the pump could mean more people hit the local lakes this holiday weekend. KTEN's Katy Blakey has more on what this weekend means for people who depend on the lake economy.

Hitting the lake can be expensive, but for many people around the area it's a good way to get a quick get-away for the holiday. Lake businesses are hoping Labor Day could bring a much needed boost to sales to wrap up the summer season.

"The economy is what it is, but you can still have fun," said Tony Richie, who's visiting Lake Texoma from Florida. "You can't sit at home and sulk about it."

It's that attitude, business owners around Lake Texoma, hope more patrons bring with them to the water this weekend.

"We're gearing up for a big weekend with our food and beverage sales, campgrounds and rental boat fleet, so it should be very crowded this weekend," said Tim Hayes with Highport Marina.

The September holiday is typically the third busiest weekend for lake area businesses, behind Memorial Day and 4th of July.

It's also a good barometer of local consumer confidence. Local resorts and hotels are filling up, but they're not sold out.

"We're anticipating a big weekend," said Mike Schmieder with Tanglewood Resort.

Tanglewood and Highport say this holiday weekend is better than the year before, but their cautiously optimistic about the lake economy being on the re-bound.

"I'm not going that far just yet, I'll just say this Labor Day is better than last year's Labor Day," said Schmieder.

Now that the weekend is here, the only thing folks can do is hope the weather doesn't spoil their plans.

"Have a good time and party all weekend," said Richie. "Hopefully the weather holds up."

"The weather is a concern. There's a chance for rain," said Hayes. "But if you look around, the lake is spectacular. A lot of people are already out here and it should be a good weekend."

Katy Blakey, KTEN News