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City of Ardmore Petitions Over City Manager


ARDMORE, OK---A citizens group has been denied the chance to voice their concerns in an open city commission meeting. 
     We've told you before about two petitions in Ardmore right now.
     One to have City Manager Dan Parrott removed from office and a second to convince city commissioners to keep him as city manager. 
     Members of the Citizen's Group to remove Parrott say they have more than 1,000 signatures that they've collected in the past week and today they asked Ardmore Mayor Martin Dyer for the issue to be put on next week's city commissission agenda.
     But the mayor said no but the Citizen's Group say they won't stop. They say Ardmore needs a change when it comes to it's management. 
     We sat down with Ardmore City Manager Dan Parrott today and asked him if he had originally planned to resign.
     He said he's tired of being a punching bag but commissioners have asked him to stay on and help work out the issues within the city.
     He said he does not plan to resign.
     In fact, he's working right now with members of the police union, the Fraternal Order of Police to work out some issues in the department.