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New document rules when buying a car


   GRAYSON CO., TX -- New state laws starting Sept. 1st, and one law could affect the way consumer's purchase vehicles.

   The law removes the cap on document fees when buying a car from $50 to a new flexible amount.

   This new amount has to be approved by the state and the state has to deem it reasonable before allowing a car dealership to offer this amount to consumers.

   Blake Utter Ford in Denison says they are currently reevaluating their document fee amount to figure out what to offer customers when purchasing a vehicle.

   As of now, Sales Manager Brent Reed says it's needed. "That amount has been there the last 15 years, I've been doing this and it was time for a raise in that cap because our costs have certainly gone up," Reed said.

   Not all dealership's in the area were taking advantage of this. Team Bonner in Denison says they're keeping the current document fee of $50.

   Customer's do have the option as to whether they want to pay this fee. However, if someone declines paying the fee, then they have to handle all the documents associated with buying a car.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN News.