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New Laws go into effect in Texas


New laws for the state of Texas begin today.   The laws include:

1) children under the age of 8 or shorter than 4'9 ride in a booster seat

2) all passengers in a vehicle will be required to wear a seat belt, no matter their age or location inside the car

3) smokeless tobacco users will pay a higher tax

4) concealed handgun license holders will no longer face license suspension for refusing to display it to a peace officer on demand

5) carrying a concealed handgun into a bar will still be a class a misdemeanor, but it's defensible if the business does not clearly state that 51% or more of its income is from the sale of alcoholic beverages

6) defaulting on a student loan will no longer disqualify an applicant for a concealed handgun license.

For drivers who are 18 years or younger, starting today, you are no longer able to talk on your cell phone while driving.   This includes hands-free devices such as GPS calls, blue tooth calls or any other wireless device.   Officers say they will not pull you over if they see you talking on your cell phone (unless you are inside a school zone, then no matter your age you will receive a ticket) instead if you get pulled over and the officer notices you are 18 years or under and were talking on your cell phone, you will receive an additional fine up to $175.

Christina Lusby, Reports.