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Grass Fed Beef


According to the World Watch Institute, Americans will eat twice his or her weight in meat each year.  Meat can be high in fat, but you can eat meat and stay thin, it's all about your choice and the animal's diet.

When you eat meat, your indirectly consuming items the animal has eaten or been given such as hormones, antibiotics and other additives that are not good for your body to consume.  That's why some say you should choose grass-fed meat every time.

An animals diet, made up of grass-fed rather than grain-fed is a better choice.   Grass-fed products are rich in health enhancing fats such as Omega-3's.  The one fat that is proven to help prevent heart disease, cancer, arthritis, hypertension and other auto-immune diseases.

Steve Cooper, a Partner at Dominion Farms in Denison says, "the meat is much lower in saturated fat, they have double the vitamin content.  They are also high in omega 3's, CMA's and lower in Omega 6's." 

The meat is also low in bad fats and it has been proven to lower your cholesterol.  Take beef for example, if you eat around 70 pounds of beef a year choosing grass fed can save you over 17,000 calories, that keeps six pounds off your waist each year. Farmers also say to make sure the meat is chemical and hormone free as they could cause health problems later down the road. 

Grass-fed meat also means the cows, chickens, and pigs were free to roam the acres and the animals environment can make all the diffence in the meat it produces.  So no matter which meat you choose beef, chicken or pork or a combination of all three remember their diet can have an effect on your health.  

Christina Lusby, KTEN News.