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Ardmore City Manager's Future Questioned


ARDMORE, OK -- New developments Friday night on the future of Ardmore City Manager Dan Parrott. City Commissioners say they will meet next Wednesday to talk about his employment.

KTEN told you, a citizens group will hold a petition drive this weekend, asking for his removal. This comes nearly three weeks after turmoil hit the Ardmore Police Department, with the forced resignation of Deputy Chief Richard Ackerman, then accusations of favoritism and other officers saying they, too, were forced out.

Now, Police Chief David Leonardo is on administrative leave -- with pay -- for the next seven months, while the city hired an interim chief.

That's just one of the reasons noted on the petition -- that this citizen's group says shows a lack of sound judgement, poor decision making skills, ineffective leadership and a knowledge of problems within the police department that Parrott did nothing about.

City Commissioners will meet in executive session next Wednesday at noon to talk about Parrott's future with the city.

We'll follow up and let you know what they decide.