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Town Hall in Ardmore sparks public interest


ARDMORE, OK -- Earlier today, a packed house of more than 600 people flooded the Convention Center in Ardmore, OK.

   Congressman Tom Cole set up another town hall meeting for local folks to express and discuss their views of the current state of that nation.

   He addressed three main points throughout the meeting: health care, foreign policy, and the value system in America.

   Cole says he doesn't agree with the President's devised health care plan of universal coverage, but does think the current health care system needs to be amended.

   Many people asked questions and expressed concerns and Cole says he's glad everyone got the chance to express their views.

"I think what we're seeing here is classic democracy in action, and I think it's beginning to have an impact around the country," Cole said.

   One local nurse, Susan Wilburn sparked public applause and cheers from the crowd when she addressed the congressman with questions.

   Wilburn says she feels strongly about reigning America's past into the future.

"This is a concern when you see the constitution being challenged, manipulated and that's not what I believe our forefathers put the constitution together for," Wilburn said.

   Another local veteran said, that as Americans everyone should have a say.

"And as Americans if we have a view, we ought to express our view," Ardmore resident, Robert McCormick said.

   Congressman Cole continued to say that he wants all politicians to bridge the gap between one another, so that everyone's voice is heard equally.