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New TMC Ahead of Schedule, Attracting New Physicians


It towers over Denison - the new Texoma Medical Center. Construction is ahead of schedule, but other than just being a new state-of-the-art facility, a new hospital means new doctors. KTEN's Katy Blakey has more.

The TMC staff is extremely eager to move into their new facility, but they're also looking forward to new physicians and specialists moving here, because they want to work at the new facility.

Construction on the new hospital is 70% complete. Staff is looking at moving in the first of December and the first patients will be brought to the hospital on December 27th.

While construction continues, the hospital is also eager to recruit new physicians. With the number of beds available at the new facility growing, that means they'll need more healthcare employees.

Hospital officials say physicians and nurses are attracted to this area because of the new facility and the small-town charm, so they hope this new hospital will be a big resource in attracting specialists to the area.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News