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Congressman Cole Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Ada


Wednesday night was Congressman Tom Cole's second stop of the three part health care reform town hall series. Michelle Gillespie has the story from Ada.

It's no question where Cole stands when it comes to health care reform. According to his web site, he states, the plan will cost more than a trillion dollars, paid for by tax increases. It goes on to say, the president Obama's plan will leave "Approximately 17 million Americans without insurance. That it's about "taking control of yet another American industry."

These kinds of town hall meetings have made news recently for the opposition that many congressman who are in their home state for the August recess have faced.

The Dorothy Summers Auditorium was packed full earlier this evening in Ada on the ECU campus, 500 people in total lining the walls and seated on the floor all to get some answers and clarification from their U.S. Representative on the government-proposed health care plan. "At what point is the government going to let us run our lives or how much is the government going to run our lives, I think we have to watch out how far they go." "Hillary was a good person for health care but she didn't make it but Obama will fix this he'll get it right just give him time."

The meeting hosted by Representative Tom Cole was relatively tame. Representative Cole began by breaking down the hype and myths about the current bill. For one thing, there is only a bill in the house, the senate as well as president Obama do have not drafted their own versions yet, so even rep. Cole can't say for sure what the actual bill will look like in the end.

The main question I heard a few times asked a few different ways was about the government budget and debt and how can the government and U-S citizens afford such a plan. To that Cole says there are numerous ways, including a tax increase for those making over 250,000 dollars something he doesn't support.

There were even some young kids there including one boy scout who was looking out for his grandparents and their health care. "How come the president is trying to push the bill when we don't have very much money? and what's this thing called end of life counseling on the news? because I like my grandparents."

Many people at the meeting said they just wanted to hear Representative Cole's point of view on the issue, which is of course, that he does not support the President's current health care plan although he does think there are room for improvements.  

Congressman Cole will be in Ardmore Thursday for another town hall meeting concerning health care. It is open to the public. It starts at twelve noon at the Ardmore Convention Center.     

Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.