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Motorcycle Safety


   SHERMAN, TX -- The current law in both Texas and Oklahoma states motorcycle riders don't have to wear a helmet.

   This law isn't changing, but starting Sept. 1, all riders in Texas will be required to pass a certification training course before getting their license.

   Motorcycle instructor, Adrian Fatan loves riding motorcycles and stresses to all about riding safely.

"The mental aspect and how to view the traffic, how to judge the traffic, how to make decision, how to measure risk, how much risk you want to assume," Fatan said.

   The training riders will be required to pass before getting their license is called Motorcycle Training and Certification Program.

   Power Sports manager, Johnathan Hagen thinks this traning is a good thing.

"We always hate to hear the government telling us we have to take a class or we have to do this or that. But taking the motorcycle safety foundation class will save lives," Hagen said.

   Fatan's training teaches the rider to be in control, and try to minimize harm. Even with training, some can't deny the safety of wearing a helmet.

"Even if your running around in shorts and flip flops, which we don't recommend... always put a helmet on your head, because it will save your life," Hagen said.