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Texas Cell Phone Ban


SHERMAN, TX -- Texas implemented the new law starting Sept. 1, to ban cell phone use in school zones.

   Meanwhile, Sherman ISD and Denison ISD are working to get signs posted in school zones warning drivers about using their cell phone.

   As of now, Sherman lSD isn't issuing any tickets or warnings until the law takes affect starting in September.

   One concern for parents is that they won't be able to call their children when picking them up from school.

   Other parents say this law is needed and hopes it helps ensure the safety of all children in school zones.

"I agree with them banning cell phones. I have a kid, so yeah... people not aying attention being aware especially when it's my kid coming out the door. I think it's good," Said parent Jonny Rangel and his wife after dropping their child off to school.

Parent Wendy Velotti agrees saying most people are paying attention as well when driving and using their cell phone.

"A lot of people don't pay attention when their on their cell phones. There's a lot of kids around here and as a mother I feel safer knowing people are paying attention," Velotti said.

   As of now, Sherman ISD and Denison ISD is working to get signs posted to everyone can be aware of this change to school zones.