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Dead Fish Surface Along Post Oak Creek


Residents living along Sherman's Post Oak Creek made a disturbing discovery this weekend. Hundreds of dead fish were rising to the surface. Now, folks living along the creek want to know what's in the water that's killing the wildlife. Katy Blakey has more. 

Officials with the Texas Commission on Enviornmental Quality say they have determined the fish died due to a low dissolve of oxygen levels in the water. But, what exactly caused that isn't known yet, and it's the unknown that has a lot of folks worried.

"I was shocked. There were thousands of dead fish floating, including catfish 3 feet long and up to 20 pounds."

It was a disturbing discovery for Tom Nuckols and fellow neighbors. The natural beauty of Post Oak Creek disrupted by old catfish, bass and carpe floating to the surface.

"I think it's tragic," said Ernestine Harrell. "Kids play in these creeks and who knows what are the pollutants that cause this and the side effects of the children."

Neighbors immediately began calling city departments, county officials and then state authorities - trying to get a hold of anyone who would listen.

City workers came out late Monday morning to take samples of the water.

"We don't see anything really obvious to point our finger at right now so it's just a matter of kind of going through the tests and eliminating things as we go," said Mark Gibson, Director of Utilities and Engineering for the city of Sherman.

That's little comfort to the neighbors who enjoy those waters. Most worry about the unknown - and if it's a side-effect of recent development in the neighborhood..

"I want the city to test what is the pollutant," said Tom Nuckols. "Where did it come from? Who did it? And what steps do we need to take to prevent that from happening again?"

It should take TCEQ a few more days to determine exactly what caused the problem.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News