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Texans Head Back to School


While many Oklahoma schools are already back in session, most North Texas kids will head back to the class Monday, marking an end to those care-free days of summer. 

For many parents and drivers that means no talking on a cell phone while in a school zone. Denison city leaders passed an ordinace over the summer that's already in affect. But, the state of Texas passed a law banning cell phone use in school zones that goes into affect September 1st, and once cities have posted signs.

Either way, just to be safe, starting Monday drivers should go ahead and hang up that call before you pass a school. There are exceptions like hands-free devices and if you're car is stopped and in "park."

Failing to follow the law could result in a $200 fine.

A reminder to all drivers more people will be out on the roads between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. so be patient. Plan for a few extra minutes of travel time. Also, school buses will be out again. Remember, when they are stopped, drivers should be too.

Parking lots were packed over the weekend as Texans took advantage of the final hours of tax-free weekend.

Stores were flooded with shoppers purchasing clothes and for the first time, tax-free school supplies. Most parents were thrilled the state added school supplies to the list. And many people just turned out to shop and enjoy the extra sales, stores offered.

"I would say we probably saved about 60 to 80 dollars this weekend," said Jeff May. "So, that's really good."

"We love being able to save money because I mean we got a lot of bills, a lot of car payments and all that good stuff so we love saving money," said Amber and Brandon Evans.

"Yeah, it's definitely a relief for the people to help them out and give them a little extra money to spend a little extra on each of their kids," said Kyle Stupps.