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Grayson County Residents Debate Healthcare Reform


Dozens of passionate protesters gathered on the Grayson County courthouse lawn to hear from Congressman Ralph Hall on the issue.

The republican opposes certain democratic proposals that have been discussed. Protesters also heard from doctors and others opposed to the president's plan for change. Of course, several people were there to argue in favor of reform and just about everyone had an opinion.

"The problem that we need to focus on his how do we resolve healthcare; How do we provide care for those who need it; How do we provide the care for those who can't afford it," said Dean Leanch.

"Many people just don't realize that we have health care for a great majority of the country," said Tony Beaverson. "They just don't understand how it really works."

There have been many inaccuracies reported surrounding the debate, which both sides are trying to eliminate and clarify. A good website to check out is It's run by a non-partisan group.