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Deadly Accident Spawns Concerns Over Hwy 75 in Sherman


   A fatal accident on Thursday morning between an 18-wheeler and a motorcyclist, has many asking questions about whether an on ramp going onto highway 75 near Pecan street will be changed.

   Many viewers emailed KTEN throughout the day with comments about the accident and concerns over this stretch of 75, while others are asking questions about what will happen to the semi driver.

   The driver has been charged with negligent vehicular homicide as Sherman police reported he committed an illegal lane change.

   Sgt. Bill Dawsey said the circumstances would be completely different if no one was killed in this accident.

"If it had been a car and the car had hit the guard rail and no one sufferend any catastrophic injuries, it would've just merely been a traffic accident," Dawsey said.

   TXDOT says they do have plans to expand this stretch of 75, but as of now, do not have the funding to begin this project. The project itself would cost $140 million dollars total.

   TXDOT also says they hope everyone will be cautious when using the onramp near Pecan street as well as driving on the 75 corridor.