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Texas Tax Free Weekend Sets Off


   Tax free weekend kicks off this weekend and this year Texas is allowing school supplies to be included in the mix of tax exempt items.

   The local Midway Mall in Sherman is anticipating nearly 40-thousand people to shop there just this weekend.

   Some Sherman residents didn't even realize school supplies were tax exempt.

"We didn't know that, we thought it was just clothes. So it's school supplies and clothes? Oh, well that's good," Ruben Alvarez said while he and his daughter, Karina shopped Friday morning.

   Others say they're not interested in shopping this weekend because they don't want to fight the crowds.

"You know with all the stores... they have amazing sales. You can get really good deals and not worry about the tax free. It's not worth the two or three dollars you'd save in taxes," Sherman resident, Leona Jefferson said while shopping with her two young sons.

   Midway Mall manager, Lana Bernadin says a few dollars can go a long way especially when someone has more than two children.

"Because if you have a family of four children just school supplies alone the tax on that could be huge, or if you're just buying tennis shoes, clothing, it really saves a lot for the family," Bernadin said.