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Online Classes


  College is starting back right around the corner, and many may be thinking of going back to school, especially in these tough economic times.

 One way to do that, is to either enroll in an online university, or enroll in online courses from a local college.

  At Grayson County Community College nearly 40-percent of students take some kind of online course. The main reason, is not having to step in the classroom.

  In addition, employer's are taking a second look at those who receive their online degree and viewing it as much more of a viable source.

  Workforce Solutions states online degrees are becoming more and more credible than in year's past.

"A lot of people have gone back to school and taken the online route and gotten that second or third degree. And so because of that, I think it's added credibility," Bob Rhoden of Workforce Solutions said.

  And because of this, Grayson College wants to jump on this trend for their students.

"Thirty-six to 37-percent of our total enrollment of all students that are enrolled at least four out of every 10 are taking one or more online courses," Steve Davis of Workforce Education at Grayson College said.

  The private local college, Austin College, however said they do not offer any online courses and do not have any plans to do so in the near future.

  Meanwhile, Grayson College anticipates more and more students enrolling in online classes.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN News