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Jail Dispute


The dispute of whether to move the jail or to keep it in downtown Sherman is still being discussed.

Mayor Bill Magers met with city leaders again last night where he says he'd like the county to reconsider moving the jail.

He says he wanted to discuss the numbers one more time with the county commissioner's because he thinks there's a discrepency in the need to build a new jail for housing more inmates.

Earlier today, Sherriff Keith Gary said he thinks the decision should be left to the public.

As of now, Magers says he has a $45,000 quote from a company to look at the current jail further and see they should expand it.

Based on this study, which was conducted in 2002, states that the cost to fix the current jail would cost up to $23 million dollars.

Magers further stated in the meeting he would like Judge Bynum for more time to present accurate numbers before finalizing a decision in moving the jail.

"It's hard for anyone to justify for Grayson County's needs, a 750 bed facility. We're working with county commissioner's count to look at the downtown option. Obviously, Sherman is carrying the ball on this, but I think there's a chance we're gonna keep the jail in downtown. The numbers show it's at least worth a consideration with accurate numbers," Magers said.

The council hasn't voted on any of this as of yet, but Magers also thinks the decision should be left in the hands of the public.

Sherriff Gary says if the county decides to move forward, the new jail will begin construction with in a few months.

Meanwhile, Magers stands firm on keeping the county jail in downtown Sherman.