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Grayson County Commissioner's Meeting


   Grayson county employees packed the courthouse today. They want answers about a plan to change the way the county handles pay roll.      
     As it stands now, County employees get paid on the 15th and the last day of the month... 

    A representative from each county department got the chance to voice worker concerns. And it came down to being able to pay their personal bills on schedule. 
     County employees showed up today with concerns, and commissioners decided to delay the decision, indefinitely. 

     Human resources already sent out a memo to county workers explaining how it would work.
     If it had kicked in on october 15th, employees would have received a partial check that period, or tiven the option to pay back part of a full check. 
     Employees said if the county changed the payroll, they would potentially have personal financial problems. Employees would make the same amount over the course of the year, just in different incriments. At the end of the year, however, employees would be fully compensated. 

Deborah Stephens, District Attorney's Office Staff, is concerned about making enough money.

"It is the bills we have to pay compared to what money is coming in every month and when you reduce that amount of money for 10 months out of the year, it's a big impact on people," Stephens said.

    And Grayson County Sgt. Rickey Wheeler think this change could affect the entire county. 
"The trickle down effect throughout the county. If they're not making money like they normally would each month. Going out in the county, going out to eat, movies, clothing, etc. Then it's going to have a big effect on the county itself," Wheeler said. 

    This pay schedule change would affect all county employees and appointed officials throughout grayson county.