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New At Ten: Who's Patrolling Ardmore Streets


We have new numbers, but they're raising even more questions about what's going on within the Ardmore Police Department.  From the loss of their deputy chief this week, to accusations of not enough officers on the streets.

We'll get to the new numbers in just a minute. 

We spoke with Vice Mayor John Moore Friday.  He says he's also concerned about what he's hearing, but he's one of many who hasn't spoken with Chief David Leonardo yet.

He says city commissioners don't even know what's going on.  But, he believes what happens at city hall affects everyone in Ardmore.  And, the public deserves to know.

"We're just waiting on the city manager to get back on Monday, and I intend to meet with him and hopefully meet with the mayor (Saturday) and see what course of action we need to take and try to get to the bottom of what's happening," says Ardmore's Vice Mayor John Moore.

We've tried to call Mayor Martin Dyer.  Our calls have not been returned.

Moore says he will be pushing for a press conference next week, where the media can ask questions and everyone can get some answers.  We'll let you know if that is, in fact, scheduled.

Commissioner Bob Guerin told us, he's furious about how the entire thing has been handled. He's also concerned about the reports of limited patrol officers on the street.  Keith King says he hopes to have answers next week and was surprised to hear when KTEN told him Chief Leonardo point blank told us on Tuesday, he was surprised at Deputy Chief Richard Ackerman's surprise resignation.

Of course, Ackerman said Thursday, he was handed a termination letter and was forced to resign.  Commissioner Sheryl Ellis told us, she doesn't comment on personnel issues.

So, lets talk more about personnel issues within the Ardmore Police Department because after all, it's your tax dollars paying their salaries.

We learned Friday night, of everyone employed at the Ardmore Police Department, only 14 are considered patrol officers.

We added up 37 sworn officers from new information we got Friday.  Of those, 14 work patrol.  But, of the 14, subtract two.  Because the APD requires one full-time officer to only work the Ardmore Air Park.  The other is contracted out to the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center.

So, let's say, 12 patrol officers patrol within the city limits strees of Ardmore 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That doesn't include captains, corporals, investigators, two animal control officers, one community service officer and, of course, the chief.

When we asked Ardmore's human resources department for a specific breakdown, this is all we got: A fax stating, "We have 42 sworn officers at this time."

Just a few days ago, Public Information Officer Robin Beal said the department had 23 uniformed sworn persons and eight open positions. 

If you're confused, so are we!  And, we still can't get the police chief or the public information officer to answer our questions.

In fact, when we went Friday  to see if our public information request for documents was available, the door to the chief's office was locked.

Robin Beal did finally come out to tell us, those documents are not ready.  And, when we asked if he would comment on any of this, he changed the subject several times.