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Why There Aren't As Many New Teachers in Sherman


Sherman welcomed it's new teachers today with a special luncheon, but there aren't as many new teachers this year as years past.  Deeda Payton shares why that is the case.

Superintendent of Sherman ISD, Dr. Al Hambrick says this year there are less teachers because there were less positions to fill.    

Today, Sherman ISD joined forces with the Chamber of Commerce to welcome 45 new teachers to the area.  Forty-five  new teachers may sound like a lot, but Dr. Hambrick says they usually have closer to 60 new teachers each school year.  "We didn't have as many positions to fill because I don't think that many people are moving around the state because it's very difficult to get a new job."

Because of the economy, Dr. Hambrick says, many teachers are choosing to hold off on retirement. And, many of the teachers who would typically choose to switch school districts to teach a different subject or grade are staying put for financial stability and job security.     

Denison ISD is having a back to school breakfast on Monday, August 17 at eight o'clock at the high school.

Here is a list of the teachers:

Sherman High School

Danielle Clements                      SHS Math

Jennifer Welborn-Jimenez          SHS Spanish

Jonathan Mackey                       SHS Math

Brooke Farmigoni                       SHS Journalism

Larry Zachary                             SHS Social Studies/Coach

Jason Thompson                        SHS Math

Anthony Hartman                       SHS Social Studies/Coach

Gregory Knight                           SHS Tech/Social Studies

Timothy Synder                           SHS Choir

James Davidson                          SHS Assistant Principal

Christina Boss                            SHS Social Studies

Jerry Tolbert                              SHS German

Anthony Shearer                       SHS teacher/coach

Clayton Sims                             SHS ISS teacher/coach

Art Urquidi                                 SHS Assistant principal

Gary Kinne                                SHS Athletic Director

James Graham                          SHS ISS teacher/coach

Davorka Jazvin                          SHS Math

Mallory Drake                            SHS Dance/Drill Team

Erica Preskitt                             SHS Spanish

Piner Middle School

Trent Hamilton                           Piner Assistant Principal

Geraldine Zachary                     Piner Science Teacher

Erin Cook                                   Piner Tech Apps Teacher

Dillingham Intermediate School

Deborah Romines                     Dillingham Principal

Kristen McCoy                           Dillingham Choral

Tracy Linnebur                          Dillingham Language Arts

Lauren Svane                           Dillingham Math

Cindy Rhee                               Dillingham Math

Ruben Lopez                             Dillingham Bilingual/Generalist

Edmond Henderson                  Dillingham Assistant Principal

Ashley Franklin                          Dillingham Teacher

Wakefield Elementary                  Fairview Elementary

Kathleen Wilcott                        Jenniefer Parker

April Gross                                 Brandy Utz

Katherine Hearn                                    

Washington Elementary            Neblett Elementary

Amy Treece                               Kathy VanHorn

Lisa Listol

Lori Hartman

Theresa Isaguirre

Sory Elementary                  Special Education                                                       

Nicole Ruana                          Sammye Parker           

Ismary Gonzalez                    Stephanie Henson         

                                              Jennifer Borgman

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.