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Ready, Aim, Shoot! Dove Hunting Season Preparation


     Ready, aim, shoot! Dove hunting season is almost here so you might want to stock up on ammo and dove decoys early because this year could be one of the best!
     It is still a few weeks away but Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say drought conditions throughout the state should make for a mighty good hunting season. 
     Locally, we've actually had a little more than average rainfall but folks out at Hagerman Refuge in Pottsboro say it's the weeks leading up to the start of the season that matter the most.
     The reason: if there's little rainfall, there are fewer watering holes where the doves congregate, so they're much easier to find.

"If we get a lot of rain from now until the beginning of the season, i think the doves are going to be a little bit more difficult to locate because there are a lot more wetland areas that they can utilize," says Rick Cantu, Hagerman Refuge Manager.          

     Dove hunting season begins on September 1st and runs through the month of September.
     Cantu says it's best to hunt in the early morning or early evening when doves are at the watering holes.

     Now before you grab the shotgun and head out to Hagerman, you need a dove hunting license so to find out how you can get one and for all the Dove hunting tips you can handle, you can visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at
     Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.