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Grayson County Pay Changes Anger Some Employees


      A look at an internal memo from the human resources office in Grayson County detailing changes to the pay schedule for county employees. 
    This memo sent to county employees on monday evening explains that the county plans change to an every other Friday pay schedule instead of a twice a month pay day.
     Workers will keep the same wages but the regular checks will be about 7 percent lower than the current checks because there are fewer days in the pay period. What has some employees upset, though, is when the change kicks in in October, county workers will only receive pay for one week.
     To make up for the rest of what would have been a full check employees  can chose to use vacation time, comp time or floating holidays--or get paid the extra hours and "pay it back" before March 31st of 2010.
     We asked Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum about the change today, he said they're just considering it to make the pay periods even out.

"Giving the employee a consistent every other Friday paycheck would be beneficial down the line, it would help us with our accounting mechanisms," says Judge Bynum.
     On monday, the various departments within the county have been told they can have a representative at the commissioners court to hear their side.