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The Nation's Food Pantrys Get 100 Million Dollars


As part of the economic stimulus package, one hundred million dollars is going to help feed the hungry across the country. But, local pantry's in our area say it's still not enough. Deeda Payton reports.

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma distributes about 25 million pounds of food each year. So the 700-thousand pounds of extra food that the stimulus package is dispersing across the nation can't help each pantry that much.

500-thousand Oklahomans are at risk of going hungry every day, including one in five children. If it weren't for local food pantry's, many would starve. "It's a lifesaver to a lot of people."

Hands for Hope Outreach in Durant operates on donations from Victory Life Church. They buy food from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to meet the increasing needs of the community. "I know we are increasing about 1,000 people a families that we are feeding a month."    

They feed about 28-hundred families a month. Many of those are single parents who on top of the strain of every day life have lost their jobs. "We get bread, we get meat, we get canned vegetables. We get just a big variety." "It's wonderful I come here only when I need it and it sure makes things go a long way and it helps a lot."

Now, as part of the federal stimulus law, the nation's food banks will be receiving a 100-million dollars in extra food this year. Money that will help local pantry's, but won't necessarily fill them up. "We definitely need more."

Volunteers from across the area gather a couple times a month to pick up their food supplies by the truckload. "Rain or shine, sleet or snow, we're here!"

But they say the food goes out the door faster than it comes in. "There's a lot of people who don't have jobs today and there's a lot of people who have very little income." "For a lot of people it is the difference between having nothing and having something.  It makes a big difference."
For every dollar donated, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma can provide seven meals to the hungry. If you don't have extra cash, you can still donate food items and canned goods to your local pantry's.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.