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Sherman City Leaders, County Judge Discuss Keeping Jail Downtown


It's a question a lot of Sherman residents want answered: What will happen to the downtown area if the jail is relocated across town? KTEN's Katy Blakey has more.

Last week current mayor Bill Magers and several past city leaders and county leaders took out an ad in the Herald Democrat opposing the new jail.

On Monday city leaders sat down with Judge Drue Bynum for a discussion on keeping the jail at it's current location.

No decisions were made at the meeting. It was closed to the public and lasted 45 minutes. Judge Bynum, Mayor Magers, Grayson Co. Sheriff Keith Gary and a few from his staff, along with Sherman Police Chief Tom Watt and Sherman City Manager George Olson attended the meeting.

After the meeting Mayor Magers told KTEN he thought it was a positive discussion.

"The balls in our court to see what the next step will be," said Mayor Bill Magers.

Keeping the jail downtown would mean renovating and adding on to the current facility. A large scale project, Bynum says the county would have to find a way to pay for. Judge Bynum says he welcomes Sherman city leaders ideas and any options they may bring to the table, but insists the issue boils down to money.

"We've got to think how are we going to pay for this," said Judge Drue Bynum. "And are we going to spend tax payer's money to keep the facility in downtown Sherman when we may have an option that allows us not to burden the taxpayer."

Sherman Mayor Bill Magers said he'll meet with the city council on Monday and explore other options that could keep the jail downtown.

Meanwhile, commissioners expect a contract by Southwest Correctional will be presented in the next two weeks.

Grayson County posted a copy of the land appraisal for the future jail site:

Here is Frequently Asked Questions document prepared by Grayson County Judge, Drue Bynum

Katy Blakey, KTEN News