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SOSU and Choctaw Nation Recieve Grant Money


     Southeastern Oklahoma State University renewed a special partnership with the Choctaw Nation on Monday after recieving a $1.16 million grant.
     Michelle Gillespie reports that the grant from the Federal Department of Education will send 12 outstanding Native American high school graduates to SOSU, in hopes that when they graduate, in four years, they'll become teachers and more importantly, role models to young students in the Choctaw Nation. 
     This isn't the first time SOSU and the Choctaw Nation have partnered. The school received the same grant back in 2005 to send the first group of highschool grads to SOSU.
     The grant will pay for the 12 students' tuition, books, laptops and even a stipend to pay for other living expenses.
     SOSU president Larry Minks and Choctaw Nation Chief Gregory Pyle both call it a win-win situation for both sides.
     "This means that some of our areas where we do have predominantly Indian children will be able to get some special tutoring," says Chief Pyle.
     The first group of Native American students to participate in the program back in 2005 are now teaching in Oklahoma public schools in places like Atoka, Kingston, and Mcalester. 
     And Chief Gregory Pyle says it's important because those Native American teachers serve as role models to children of the same ethnicity. 
     Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.