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Two-A-Day Practices Called Into Question


     August is the deadliest month for some athletes. Football players, in particular, start up two-a-day practices and they can fall victim easily in summer heat. Those two a days started in Texas on Monday.
     Michelle Gillespie talked to a local coach about his concerns. Two weeks before school starts, a time highschool football players look forward to and dread. 
      It means two practices a day to gear up for the season but now that decades old tradition of two a days is being called into question. 
     One national organization---the National Association of Athletic Trainers, is calling on highschool football teams to eliminate two-a-days altogether, saying the mix of summer heat and exercise can be a deadly combination.
     Tom Bean highschool football coach Tal Sanders says schools have been doing them for 60, even 70 years and he doesn't see a problem.  "They're not dangerous if you do take precautions--there's hot days where it gets really hot--and we let our kids take as many breaks as they want---but there could be a concern if you don't watch your kids but I watch the kids like they're my own kids---and I've never had a problem if you just watch the kids," says Coach Sanders.
     He says he's run two-a-day practices, himself, for 21 years now and he's never had any of his players pass out or faint from the heat. He also says one of his tactics is to hold practices later into the evening when it can be 10 sometimes 20 degrees cooler outside. 
     Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.