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'Cash For Clunkers' Wipes Out Car Lots


Just how much longer can you cash in on the 'Cash for Clunker's program until it runs out of money - or until the dealerships run out of cars? KTEN's Katy Blakey has more on how the program is wiping out inventory at local dealerships.

"It was fantastic to see all these people coming in again."

It's a car dealer's dream. New cars rolling off the lots, thanks to the 'Cash for Clunkers' program. Something many in the auto industry haven't seen in months.

"There's just a ton of interest in this program," said Pat Lynch of Red River Ford. "It's good for everybody."

In fact business has been so good at Red River Ford in Durant Pat Lynch has few cars to sell. His new car lot is bare. All that's left are gas guzzlers after record sales at the dealership in July and manufacturing cuts drained their inventory.

"Everyone is relatively low on cars and trucks."

The dealership is now banking on the financially strapped program to keep the customers coming, like Ronny Cosby, who said he wouldn't normally consider buying a new car.

Unfortunately, Cosby, like many others learned his car doesn't fit the criteria.

"My car gets too many miles per gallon," said Cosby.

But still the program has peaked his interest and Lynch said customers like Cosby will stay and take a look at new ride - new or used. And ultimately keep cars rolling of his lot and drive sales up nationwide.

"It'll help the whole economy."