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Texoma Schools Prepare for What Could be an Active Flu Season


Health officials say the swine flu is targeting teens and young adults, and is expected to spread quicker when students return to school in the next few weeks. Yet, contrary to popular belief, schDuane Meredithools in our area don't want students bringing their your own hand sanitizer.    

The hallways may seem empty now, but summertime is a busy time for districts in Texoma, especially this summer.     

Scott Conrad, Director of Sherman ISD's maintenance program, says, "We take everything out of classrooms, clean from the floor to the ceiling and then put everything back and wipe everything down"     

Schools are bracing for what could be an early and active flu season as heath experts fear the h1n1 virus may make a comeback.     

Denison ISD Superintendent, Dr. Henry Scott says, "We don't know what's going to happen with the swine flu this fall. It may come back with a vengeance."    

At Denison schools, maintenance crews have spent the summer cleaning, and once school starts Scott says they'll continue taking cleaning to a whole new level. "We clean those classrooms sometimes as much as twice, three times a day, which is a little bit more that what we've done in the past."     

In Sherman, the ISD is focusing on cleaning counter tops, bathrooms, and other areas often touched by students.     

Conrad says, "We do those things everyday but when the swine flu broke out we went to a more rigorous cleaning of those areas."     

They've even brought in additional cleaning crews to help disinfect Durant ISD, and plan to continue employing the extra help on a part time basis as needed throughout the year.            There school officials believe it's common sense practices that will keep students germ free.     

Assistant Superintendent, Duane Meredith, says, "Hand washing is probably the biggest preventative measure they can take ad we're going to encourage that."     

Texoma schools have also been outfitted with hand sanitizers, so kids can leave there's at home.  

And come this fall students in Ardmore Public Schools will get a crash course on how to wash their hands properly. There, students are also being encouraged to stay home when their sick, and parents are also asked to double check their contact information is up to date.     

School officials say they don't know what to expect when school starts, but their crossing the fingers that the swine flu and other viruses don't find a way into their classrooms.

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.