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Disinfected Camp Prepares for Campers


      We told you Thursday, a camp for diabetic kids and teens in Whitesboro had to temporarily shut down and all 250 campers sent home after an outbreak of the flu.

      Counselors at Camp Sweeney, that's off Highway 82 in Whitesboro, say they've spent the past 24 hours cleaning and disinfecting the facilities, including at least eight cabins and the cafeteria.

      As of Thursday morning, they had confirmed more than 20 children with the flu and another 50 campers with fever-like symptoms. Parents picked up their sons and daughers Thursday afternoon but 6 kids remain at the camp, as some are from as far away as England and New York.

      Camp Sweeney plans to re-open Sunday and welcome back all campers who have not shown any flu-like symptoms for at least 24 hours.