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Flu Outbreak at Whitesboro Camp


     A camp for diabetic kids in Whitesboro has been evacuated because of an outbreak of the flu. Michelle Gillespie reports that as of Thursday Camp Sweeney in Whitesboro is temporarily shutting down and asking parents to pick up their kids as soon as possible. 

     Most of the 250 kids and teens at the camp ranging in age from 8 to 17 years old were picked up Thursday afternoon.
     The camp is located off FM 678 right near Highway 82 in Whitesboro and Camp Sweeney's program director said the first teen came down with the flu this Sunday and the number of campers having flu-like symptoms rose quickly this week.
     As of Thursday morning, they had confimed over 20 children with the flu and another 50 campers with fever-like symptoms.

     "This is my 5th year out here and I've never seen this happen. Normally, we can control everything out here but this many kids out here with a high fever--we think its best to send them home and have them treated at home," says Preston Walhood, program director at Camp Sweeney.

     Camp officials started calling parents early Thursday morning to come pick up their kids so they can begin disinfecting the camp. 
     The camp plans to reopen this Sunday but only kids who do not show any signs of illness for at least the next 24-hours will be allowed back. 
     Camp officials emphasize these cases are not the swine flu.
     Campers sent home Thursday will receive a 50 percent discount off of this upcomming winter session, along with a credit that can be used for next year's camping sessions. 
     Michelle Gillespie, KTEN News.