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Garage Sale Do's & Don'ts


When it comes to putting on garage sales in Denison and Sherman there's a few rules you may not know about and not knowing could drastically cut into your profits. KTEN's Katy Blakey has details.

"My friends call me the garage sale queen."

Janie Allen loves a good garage sale. She scours yards for a good deal on kids clothes and keeps an eye out for antiques.

"I spent $7.75 and I couldn't buy a regular outfit at the store for $7.75," said Allen.

An upcoming vacation to the Gulf Cost prompted the Buchanan family to throw together this yard sale.

" [A] long drive. A lot of gas money," said Michelle Buchanan.

As any good saleswoman knows you've got to spend money to make money. Advertising is key.

"It's in the paper until tomorrow and then we've got signs up."

Those signs, however, could cost the family more than the money the make. Many people are unaware they're against city code in Sherman.

"It just kind of makes the city look a little trashy," said Sherman City Clerk Linda Ashby. "We want it to look nice and not be a hazard. Some of them would stay there forever in medians."

No signs are allowed on state or city right-of-ways and utility poles. Most caught violating the ordinance will walk away with a warning but habitual violators could expect a $200 fine.

In Sherman if you want to host a yard sale you need to pick up a $5 permit from the City Clerk's office and you can only host two a year.

Denison city leaders were looking at changing their ordinance but chose not to. No permit is necessary in Denison and just like in Sherman you can not post signs anywhere but your own property.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News