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Fall Registration in Ardmore


Wednesday was the first day of fall enrollment for the Ardmore schools.  Children enrolling in Pre-K and Kindergarten started registering at Will Rogers Elementary Wednesday morning.     

While parents were busy filling out what seemed like endless paperwork children were excited to see who their new teachers would be.

Principal Cindy Hunter has some tips for first time parents to those young students.

Principal Hunter says, "Be prepared for a little bit of a wait.  First time parents don't realize how much paperwork there is involved in enrolling a student, so it's really overwhelming the first time."

Parent John Johnson says, "It wasn't bad, but it was a little crazy, a lot of paperwork. I didn't realize how much it would be."

You will need your child's birth certificate, shot records and proof of residence.     


Enrollment dates for Ardmore City Schools are scheduled to begin next week.  Following is the enrollment schedule for all ACS students.

July 29th     8 am - 8 pm  Pre-K & Kindergarten at Will Rogers Cafeteria
August 4th  8 am - 8 pm  Elementary, Grades 1-5 at AMS Cafeteria
August 4th  8 am - 8 pm  High School Freshmen & Seniors at AHS Cafeteria
August 5th  8 am - 8 pm  High School Sophomores & Juniors at AHS Cafeteria
August 6th  8 am - 8 pm  Middle School, Grades 6-8 at AMS Cafeteria
August 6th  8 am - 8 pm  AHS New Student Enrollment at AHS Cafeteria

For those who wish to get a head start on the paperwork required to enroll, enrollment forms may be downloaded and printed by logging on to www.ardmoreschools.org.  The forms can be completed in advance and brought on the specified date for the student being enrolled.  In addition, parents/guardians will need to bring proof of residency, such as a utility receipt, and photo identification in order to enroll the student. 

It is imperative that all students, especially elementary level students, be enrolled on the specified enrollment date to better ensure preferred class schedules and placement in the elementary school of their particular attendance area.

These are the only dates on which a student can be enrolled prior to the start of school on August 13th.