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Pregnant Women Priority for H1N1 Vaccine


H1N1 vaccines will be tested in the coming weeks.  Those most susceptible to the disease could be receiving the first vaccines those include health care works, young children, those who are chronically ill and now pregnant women are being looked at as a top priority.

The Center for Disease Control says they are unsure if the disease will have any effect on a mother's unborn child.  But  pregnant mothers are expected to be a top priority to the vaccination after the clinical trials. 

Amanda Ortez, the Grayson County Health Department's PIO, says, "Pregnant women are more susceptible to disease and will most likely top the list so they need to be more careful even with the seasonal flu.  Also, pregnant women are at greater risk for death so if they do feel flu like symptoms they should seek care immediately."  R

ight now there are 1,359 cases of swine flu in Texas and 66 cases in Oklahoma.  

Christina Lusby, Reports.