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Beames, More Than Just Cheap Gas


Remember the good ole days when you didn't have to hide your belongings or lock your doors, when sodas only cost a nickel and ice cream was a treat. Well, one local gas station and grocery brings up all those good memories by refusing to go self-service. Deeda Payton reports.

Beames Hill Stop is like a breathe of fresh, friendly air, making a difference, one tank of gas at a time.

Beames Grocery and Gas in Bokchito, Oklahoma has been around since 1964 and has always celebrated full service with a smile. "We have a lot of people that expect us to pump it because we've been pumping their gas so many years. 45 years is a while to be pumping gas, ya know."

It has survived big business and high fuel costs and is still pumping strong. "When my parents started this business just about everybody was full service back in the 60s, but that's phased out over the years."

James Beames has owned the store since 1986. He is the second generation, taking over for his parents. And, he says, his son will be the third generation. "It's just a family atmosphere. We feel like we're all family."

Beames is a staple in Bokchito, but don't be fooled by the look of this small town. Beames stays busy! "I like it! there's good service, they clean my windshield and I don't have to get out. They pump my gas for me, anything I need they do real good." "I buy water, ice, gas. I just come visit the store." "You can go down and check any of the stations around town we'll be just as cheap as they are and we give full service."

And, they are famous for more than just their friendly-service and cheap gas. "I like their homemade beef jerky, I love it." "My 5-year-old loves their beef jerky!"

A one-stop shop for local families and a blast from the past for passer-by's. "This is our family at Beames Hill Stop in Bokchito, Oklahoma. Come and see us!"

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Deeda Payton, KTEN News.