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Grayson County Sheriff Receives Big Award


A big honor coming out of Austin, Texas the Grayson County Sheriff's Office presented the Peacemaker of the Year award to Sheriff Keith Gary this morning.  

Each year the award is given out by the Sheriff's Association of Texas.  Although Sheriff Gary knew he had been nominated by US Marshall John Moore, but says he did not know he had been chosen. 

"I knew I was on the list because US Marshall John Moore nominated me.  I knew that much, but I had no idea that I was selected," Sheriff Gary told us this morning. 

He has been serving the public for over four decades.  He was a member of the United States Air Force and a US Marshall.  Sheriff Gary was appointed US Marshall by Pesident Nixon in 1969 and later was bestowed the honor of being reappointed by President Jimmy Carter.

Sheriff Gary is considered a leader among his officers and peers and has accomplished much in his 40 years on the job.  His accomplishments include, improvements and expansion of jail contracts and expedited service of process.  He has implemented and overseen the activities of the first multi-agency fugitive task force in the Eastern District of Texas.  He has also constructed the model for one of the largest and most active seized Property Enforcement Units in the United States.  He has served the Federal and State Courts as a Felony Probation Ffficer, has reorganized the Sheriffs department, enhanced the Criminal Investigation division, implementing on of the most productive Narcotics Enforcement units in Northeast Texas.  Other major accomplishments, building almost 200 new beds for inmates while using cost effective measures.  He has accomplished these items and more during his service. 

The Sheriff's Association in Austin noted these accomplishments and honored his achievements. "The Texas Peacemakers Award was established to honor a law enforcement professional that has exemplified, over their lifetime of public service, an extraordinary dedication to the public good and community which they have served and whose approach to law enforcement has been not only to maintain order-but bring justice.  In support of the common good, the recipient must have endeavored to bring out the best in people, to recognize the dignity of others, to serve as role model and mentor for the younger generation of law enforcement officers, to go beyond being a lawman, and to unit as well as protect."  --Sheriff's Association of Texas

The Sheriff's Association in Austin noted these accomplishments and honored his achievements.

Christina lusby, Reports.