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Arrest Made In Connection with Durant Homicide

Phillip Austin Yelvington is now in the Bryan County Jail charged with first degree murder. Authorities arrested him last night in connection with the stabbing death of 25-year-old Jason Booker, who they now say was stabbed to death in his own bed in his own home in the middle of the night on July 8th.

And, to give the case an even bigger twist, Yelvington was staying right next door at his mother's house. Today, we showed neighbors Yelvington's mug shot. Two people recognized him, but no one said they actually knew him. But, today's announcement that a man right next door is now accused of being involved with killing another neighbor certainly came as a shock.

According to Durant Police,they brought Yelvington in for questioning late last night. From what interview, police decided they had enough evidence to go with the first degree murder charge. But, they're still not finished with the investigation. "It's unclear at this time what involvement he had, if any, with the victim. He was in close proximity, in fact, next door to the victim and the victim's family. We're not sure of the exact involvement, right now."

Remember just a few days ago police released the picture of this ball cap they found at the scene. Today, they're still asking for the publics help in answering more questions about this murder.