Pepper Tree Town Homes Catch Fire - - No One Gets You Closer

Pepper Tree Town Homes Catch Fire


A fire broke out early this morning at the Pepper Tree Town Homes in Sherman.  The complex is located off 1417 and Taylor Street. 

Sherman Fire says they arrived on scene to see flames pouring from the roof.  It took fire fighters 45 minutes to put out the fire. Sherman Fire Chief J. Jones says, "We determined the fire started upstairs due to a candle. It was probably left unattended and burned all night."

Six occupants from nearby units were evacuated and everyone made it out safely.  Four units were affected, two lost everything the others sustained smoke damage.  Red Cross was on scene to help those affected.

One fire fighter was injured while putting out the fire.  He was treated at the scene and returned to work.

Christina Lusby, Reports.