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Texas And Oklahoma: Business State Rankings


CNBC has released state rankings, based on 40 measures of competitiveness in 10 categories, including the work force and the cost of doing business. 

Here's how the Sooner and Lone Star states shaped up:

Texas ranked the second best state overall -- that means all 40 categories combined --  just behind Virginia. Oklahoma ranked 23rd.

As far as the economy, Texas ranked number-one among all 50 states, Oklahoma ranked number three.

Texas also leads the nation as far as transportation, while Oklahoma falls behind in that category at number-42.

It's a close call when it comes to quality of life: Texas 32, Oklahoma 37.

In education, Texas is the 30th state on the list, Oklahoma 37th.

And finally, the cost of living: Oklahoma out-ranks Texas -- and all other states there -- at number one. Texas ranks seventh on the list